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android update System update available now. November 1 2018
In the beginning of june we announced a greater system patch, featuring the newest security level. Since the new Android there was a crucial security gap closed. This also requires, that all apps using the newest security level. So we lifted our apps now up to Android 8, but you can install and play them like before using Android 4.1. We also changed the whole visual rendering pipeline too, this improves the graphic quality. It also enable(unter anderem) the fullscreen mode for extra wide mobile displays and many more. @BP3D v1.65 @PR3D v1.29 @SU3D v1.08 @VP3D v1.24
android update Pre-Patch launched. June 5 2018
We launched a small system update for all of our android games. It includes some minor bugfixes, rebalanced unlock conditions and the pre-patch data for the large system update coming in the end of the year. @BP3D v1.64 @PR3D v1.28 @SU3D v1.07 @VP3D v1.22
android update Forklift added! May 2 2018
Take on the new forklift challenge. Now you can drive a fully functional forklift. Carry pallets, beams and complete tracks by placing different drivable ramp parts in over 18 missions. We also add 24 missions for the latest cars and the motorbike. Finally we changed the ‘Near’ view camera mode. Now you look from the roof top, which is the best view option between driving fast but accurate. The new view is the default setting, but you can switch back to the classic view using the settings menu. @Valley Parking 3D v.1.21 - Visit our Facbook-Site to see some pictures.
android update New theme and cars are available. March 2 2018
We added a brand new scenery and three new cars to Valley Parking 3D. It’s a nice litte byroad, planted with some trees, rough backyards and many open parking spaces waiting for you. There is also a lower parking area, which can be accessed via a ramp or curved tunnel, as well as a huge underground parking deck. The three new cars, all of them with a unique sound and physic setting, coming with 36 challenging missions for/playing in the new theme. @Valley Parking 3D v.1.15 - Visit our Facebook-Site to see some pictures.
info Our website got a complete make over! Dec 21 2021
It's finally done. We spend some hours of work to make the new website look somehow more modern, as well as - thats the major key - a better display and handling on different mobile devices. Like on our last website, we completely forgo on any cookie or tracker. Additionally we passed all runtime scripts, which make things look better, but in many cases they are liable for bugs and lags.